We are very interested in interdisciplinary areas of Human Computer Interaction (HCI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and Big Data. Our goal is to help people communicate and interact with one another easily and without limits by supporting them with software and hardware tools designed in human-centered ways.

Tremendous opportunities are emerging in the intersection of these fields. Human Computer Interaction (HCI) principles can provide methodologies and experimental frameworks as well as human behavior modeling techniques. The theories and tools can improve understanding on human nature and behaviors.

The proper understanding of human’s information behavior can be crucial for designing tools for supporting people’s everyday life. Our second focus to the design of novel devices for supporting human’s daily activities.

With a plethora of personal digital devices for ordinary people, it becomes reality that computers could track and count the vast amount of information using data they gathered without any help from us. Big Data technologies enable researcher to collect and analyze massive amount of data that are generated by such systems. The Big Data technology can be an indispensable asset to tackle large-scale data problems, which can play a very important role in understanding users’ behavior.

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